New York Times Crossword Answers - May 19 2017

___ pros. (lawsuit abbr.)
Wrongly assumed
What motivates people to get to first base during a game?
What makes consumers blush?
Weightlifter's concern
Walk all over
W.W. II service member
Voice-activated Amazon device
View from Catania
They're favorites
They may be soaked up
Survivor's cry
Strong and majestic
Still learning the ropes of
Started to work
Some patrons: Abbr
Size zero, say
Show great fondness
Sheet music abbr
Savory Indian appetizer
Rid of inefficient extras
Qualifier in 46-Across
Put back together
Port whistler
Plays peacemaker
Photo ID issuers
Pet sounds
Part of a blended family
Origination point of some drips
Org. for forensic specialist Abby Sciuto
Old-fashioned letter opener
Naturally blind
Nailing a performance
Mothered or fathered
Moorish castle
Messages with emojis
Means of travel for a V.I.P
Marking for a very soft passage
Large W.W. II area: Abbr
Its honorees plan to become one
It shares a key with a caret
It may be poached
Heavy rain
Having hit successfully, say
Half spoken, half sung
Get sidetracked
French filmdom
Eponym of USA Track & Field's highest award
Dogged it
Crafty sort
Competitor of Cartier
Commander during John Brown's capture in 1859
Classic arcade game with a glass backboard that shatters
Class clown's comeuppance
Bratty girl on 'Little House on the Prairie'
Article of attire with strings
Agenda-topping issue
88 or 98
86 or 99
'The ponytail's hipster cousin,' per GQ
'Let's get real here ...'
'It's now or never'

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