Crossword Answers - Jun 19 2017

__-yourself kit
__ Baba
Woman's kindred spirit
Wild spending outings
Whispered version of ''Yoo-hoo!''
Very slightly
TV industry award
Thorough investigations
Tex-Mex folded food
Takes care of
Take a break
Suffix for puppet
Stick (to)
Sounds from cows
Shut with a bang
Schoolyard challenge
Sandwich cookie
Running __ (out of control)
Romp happily
Rich source of anything
Religion of the Koran
Puts a new color on
Prefix meaning ''all''
Prefix for circle
Poker hand starter
Place restrictions on
Peruse a book
Performed in a choir
Parts of a tbsp
Panoramic view
Object to
Not more than
Narrow road
Narrow cut
Molecule part
Minor quarrels
Metallic rocks
Loosen, as a knot
Local sandwich shop
Leak slowly
Lambs' moms
Having a sharp incline
Has aspirations
Greek bread pocket
Give temporarily
Frat pledge's sponsor
Flapjack eateries, for short
Finance deg
Filmed, as a movie
Fashion sense
Exude, as confidence
End-of-workweek shout
Elegant and expensive
Des Moines' state
Dalai Lama's land
Crown for a princess
Comic-book punch sound
Close by
Church services
Chooses, with ''for''
Charley horse
Capitol Hill TV channel
Cape Canaveral org
Bringing up the __ (in last place)
Bowling-lane button
Big family, informally
Become more cheerful
Become inedible
Bearded New Year's Eve figure
Atmospheric layer
Annoying ones
''Once __ a time . . .''
''If only!''

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