Crossword Answers - May 19 2017

__ podrida (Spanish stew)
WWII craft
Work itself (out)
Word after fast or fire
Whse., for instance
What meridians mark
What a potholder might hang on
Unlikely to help out
Ultimately realize
Tony city with an oil field
Title in Kipling tales
Tiffany of stained glass
Thunderbirds' org
Taken one at a time
Summer camp building
Sudden shake
State with five national parks
Spill it, with ''up''
Source of Kremlin news
Soprano who once ran the Met
Slip past
Short informal essays
Rotarians' colleagues
Peak stat
Obsolete Canadian bills
Nation southeast of Bologna
Name in the etymology of ''thunder''
Minimally sufficient
Marketable skill
Legal scholar
Knowing better now
King's dominion
Keenly interested in
It's over your head
Isn't alert
Is tender
Inlet, for instance
Hole punchers
His wrath fills the ''Iliad''
Hernando's ''Huh?''
Helium's periodic table neighbor
Hearth buildup
Guitar ancestor
Grand success
Ft. Erie, __
Freight in transit
Former-and-future fliers
Former term for a certain Finn
Foil giant
First user of ''Escalator''
Film vault holding
Epsilon follower
End of ''Aïda''
Elects (to)
Egyptian goddess
Dolphins Hall of Famer
Crunchy lunch
Clear-bell connector
California's __ Rand Institute
Bind with rope
B&B offerings
As if scripted
Approach hurriedly
Annals excerpt
Alternate title for the puzzle
Access point
Abe Lincoln's dad
''__ Wars'' (Woodward 2010 book)
''To my surprise . . .''
''Not quite''
''Have a sip''
''Good to know''

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