USA Today Crossword Answers - Apr 21 2017

Word before admiral or guard
Word after sing or string
Window treatment option
What a haggler seeks to pay
What 'little things mean'
Went from tween to teen, say
Touched the tarmac
Toaster waffle brand
Takes a crack at
Surveyor's measure
Summer setting in NYC
Street ___ (respect, slangily)
Stetsons and sombreros
Serenader's sentiment
See-through material
Scores on serves
Scheider of the first two 'Jaws' movies
Regional wildlife
Pricing word
Postal division
Playground time
Pitchfork prong
Pass on some gossip?
Part of a multistory pet shop?
Part of a king's address
One working on sports highlights films?
One to hang with
Okefenokee Swamp wader
Not so sharply defined
National Zoo houseful
Narcissist's problem
Make off with
Look forward to
Longoria of 'Telenovela'
Like a size 0 dress
Like a horse-collar tackle, now
Lifeguards usually have them
Kingdom near Fiji
Kept from squeaking
Judge to be
In a fair manner
Hors d'oeuvres spread
Honeycomb makers
Heaven-sent sustenance
Heart or trumpet part
Hanging on every word
Grammys category since 1989
Gillette razor brand
Gig procurer, often
Get extra service from
Geological span
Gateway Arch material
Garment with a supporting role?
Gaming mecca north of Carson City
Fruit in tart jellies
Freed from liability
Former TV partner of Strahan
Fix a knight's outfit?
February 2017 erupter
Discontinue, as relations
CSI part
Criticize harshly
Congregation's response
Come off as
Cereal 'for kids'
Carnivore's catch
Burn a bit
Beat a hasty retreat
Batman player of 1960s TV
Bandit-chasing band
At a quick rate
'That's for sure!'
'Please go on!'
'Heavy' music genre
'A guy walks into a bar . . .' bits

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