USA Today Crossword Answers - Oct 24 2016

Wrote in a rush
Wiggly dessert
Uses a scope
Unselfish sorts
Turn topsy-turvy
Trampled (on)
Theater award since 1956
Teen fave
Take forcibly
Swirl in a stream
Suggest strongly
Suffix with familiar or final
Subatomic particles
Step onstage
Steep-walled formation
Souvenir tops
Slot for mail
Singsong syllable
Shears sound
Settled in a coop
Seek a well site
Rich German cake
Repeats precisely
Remove from the schedule
Pumpernickel purchase
Proved false
Part of a full house
Overhaul, as a ship
Openly challenge
One-on-one hockey play
Nation of Hispaniola
Mr. Bubble bubbles
Moved like a dragonfly
Most common Scrabble tile value
More rainy
Mel known as 'The Velvet Fog'
Matchup of beefy grapplers
Malt-based beverages
Make amends
MacFarlane of 'Family Guy'
Lipstick mishap
Like lasagna noodles
Leave clueless
Kindergarten recital
Kept an appointment with
Jamboree shelter
iPhone graphic
Information on a pet tag
Home to caribou and musk oxen
Heaviest fencing weapon
Grand ___ Opry
Gets value from
Gain popularity on Facebook
Firehouse tool
Fend off
Fashionable, like Austin Powers
Fact checker's find
Does as directed
Descend to Davy Jones' locker
Dairy Queen order
Crosswalk site
Computer seen in cybercafes
City in West Yorkshire
Buried historic cache
Bud's comedy cohort
Big gulp
Become invalid
Bargain basement containers
At any point
Anti-leather org
Act portion
Accommodate a paparazzo
'Well done!'
'Stormy' seabird
'OMG!' of yore
'Independence Day' invader
'Help wanted' listings

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