Universal Crossword Answers - Jun 19 2017

Word with 'time' or 'life'
Word with 'pole,' 'jump' or 'patrol'
Whitehorse's Canadian territory
What the batter in the boondocks did?
What a runway produces?
Vice President John ___ Garner
Unfriendliness or bitterness
Type of street sign
Type of chair
Two tetrads
Twin, e.g
This puzzle's theme you can get behind
The 'eye' in network TV
That lady's pronoun
Take verbal potshots
Sweetie alternative
Successfully exploits
Some large pianos
Show the ropes to once more
Shore up or support
Send for consultation
Sea creature with tentacles
Score x .5
Regret deeply
Rags-to-riches Horatio
Pop's other name
Pesto herb
Participate in a bit of arm-twisting
Paranormal letters
Overwhelms with sweetness
Non-representational painting
Nearly gray gemstone
Michael Phelps has 23
Master all over again
Like a howl at midnight
Legal claim on one's property
Knock, as on a door
Jigsaw puzzle unit
It's supportive for golfers
It may be over your head
Is deep in the red
Investigative Brockovich
In sci-fi, may it be with you
In a brilliantly intelligent way
Horse's niblet
Home of the brave
Helps free from doubt
Habitable hole for wildlife
Genetic messenger
Gave comfort to
Evil spirit
Etching agent
Enemy of a gardener
End of a musical composition
Eggs, biologically
Crumpets go-with
Conclusion of a bridal path
Coax a laugh out of
Close in films
Chinchilla's coat
Check for fit
Casual, as a remark
Brazilian resort, briefly
Barnyard bleaters
Award for the courageous
Australian bird
Alanis Morissette hit
Actor Keach
'Toodle-oo!' alternative
'The Lord of the Rings' monster
'East' and 'West' completers

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