Universal Crossword Answers - Sep 27 2016

___ spumante
Winter vehicle
What this is
West enders?
Weed uprooter
Vast amount
Vanity case for milady
Utter confusion
Utilize hip boots
Thing you can't make when bald
Tango quorum
Some farm females
Some Boston pros, briefly
Smallest detectable sensation
Secure one's shoes
Seal hunter
Really great tidings
Ready to pick
Place for a literary catcher
Particular breath mint
One who goes for the gold?
Old knockout gas
Novel staple
Not open or ajar
Not finalized, legally
Move one's tail
Mechanical man or woman
Man famed by elevators
Male Madison Ave. employee
Make untidy, as hair
Long, narrow strips
Like some jackets
Kitchen features
Kirby of 'City Slickers'
J. Edgar Hoover's org
Italian bowling game
It can create long lines
Is inquisitive
Irate (with 'off')
Homecoming returnee
Great Lakes city
Grammar topic
Gorbachev's policy
Genre for 37-Down
Gambler's 'lady'
Food for a ladybug
Final notice
Feudal lord
Face-to-face exam
Expanded essay
Engine knock
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
Double-reed instruments
Display a public notice
Cut dramatically, as prices
Church part
Chinese currency
Carve in stone
Carpentry leveler
Carpenter's machine
Bird feeder fill
Biology lab gel
Assumed name
Amble all over
Aesop's also-ran
180 on the road
115-pound brawlers
'Us' or 'them,' in competitions
'New Guinea' starter

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