Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Apr 20 2017 - Ballpark Figures

Zebra's mother
Wooded valley
What nociceptors sense
Wasted gas
Verified to be functional
Verb for you
Vaudeville bit
Stiff drink
Steven of the New Jersey Devils
Stat inserted into this puzzle's long Across answers
Star of 1965's 'Genghis Khan'
Special magazine edition
Solemn promise
Signs of an upcoming precipice?
Scoring speeds
Ring setting
Queen's attendant
Put at rest
Portuguese island group
Portrayer of Alfie Elkins
Plopped down
Paw part
Parts of excellent wind farms?
Pale wood
Org. with a zombie apocalypse preparedness web page
Not free
Mobutu Sese Seko's nation
Mini mints
Make known
Litmus reddener
Like a 3-4-5 right triangle
Lessens a person's drink tab?
Leaf lifter
Largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago
J.Lo's 2017 beau
Innsbruck interjection
Indians' neighbors
In advance of, archaically
In advance of, archaically
High point
Hiccups stopper
Hermana de la madre o el padre
Heads for the produce aisle?
Guyana native
Gofer's workload
Gave the brushoff
Gave over
Flirtatious fellow
Flight features
Fits, e.g
Exchange, as angry words
Easy ___
Dozen for a darling
Dizzy Gillespie specialty
Debut pop album of 1991
Company that offers little training
Commanded, quaintly
Capitol figure
Bugling beast
Brothers' keepers?
Betelgeuse setting
Automatic rifle that fires M&M's?
Arctic explorer John
'Get lost!'
'Did you start without me?'

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