Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Jul 17 2017 - Body Language

___ con pollo (chicken-and-rice dish)
Whirl of water
Watchdog warning
Walk-___ (nonspeaking roles)
Umbrella brand
To some extent
Tennis match makeup
Take the stand
Suspicious of
Sunscreen ingredient
Stereotypical techie
Spots for slots
Spoil the surprise, in a way
Sleep like ___
Showed contempt for
Sgt.'s underlings
Redress seeker
Range separating Spain and France
Put one's feet up
Prepare for a performance
Polo shirt brand
PlayStation maker
Playful mammal
Places to get body wraps and massages
On the take
Net holder
Much of a TV network's income
Min. divisions
Mexican money
Melodramatic TV shows
Make sense
Lecture attendee's jottings
Kin of crannies
Keystone's place
June 6, 1944
Israeli author Oz
iPhone assistant
Harry Potter feature
Genetic stuff
Furlong or fathom
From Vientiane, say
Free of clutter
Explorer of kiddie TV
Exfoliation target
End, as a school session
Ear: Prefix
Division of a body of water?
DeVito of 'Taxi'
Dentist's directive
Dating from
Cost of a hand
Cobbler's cousin
Clear as ___
Cape charger, in Pamplona
Bubble's shape
Bubble's shape
Body of water comprising tresses?
Baja buddies
Backpack material
Awkward fellows
As large as a body of water?
Animal on Sri Lanka's flag
Address about a body of water?
15-Across's 'Taxi' role
'The Jellicle Ball' musical
'Shut up!'

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