Crosswords a new range of play for the kids

Encouraging the love of answering crossword puzzles in your children is one of the ways for you to help in their overall development. You can even add on other types of puzzles and mind games into the equation along with other after-school or summer activities like reading, camping and taking music, arts and dance lessons. In making sure that your kids will not only enjoy but also learn from the activities you line up for them, you need to choose those that will contribute to their growth. The great thing about doing puzzles is you can have them answer these on their own or you can make it into a bonding activity participated in by all members of the family.

Know Which Crosswords are Appropriate:

Crossword puzzles are basically the same in format. They have boxes that go up and down. You have to fill out all of these with letters that make up an entire word and correspond to a given clue. You can find them in daily newspapers, in book form and even on the Internet. Not all of these crosswords are ideal for certain ages though, especially kids. The ones that you can find on newspapers may be too advanced for kids aged five to eight years old. You need to make sure that the puzzles you give your kids are appropriate for their age or else they will end up getting frustrated or confused instead of learning something. The books are also available in the market for the kids to teach them to solve crosswords and the difficulty level is also according to the kids so that they pay with them for fun and start learning through them as well. Crosswords should be included as a part of their fun time so that they do not think as their learning material and play with the words as they love to play with their toys.

There are online sites now that offer different types of puzzles that are fit for certain age groups. Even brick and mortar bookstores have books that contain puzzles that are appropriate for different age groups. Making sure that you get the right kind of crossword for your kids will also ensure that they get the most learning out of it.

Initiate Learning of New Words through Crosswords:

If you are keen about letting your kids learn at least one new word every day, then answering crossword puzzles is one way to initiate this. Every time they answer a crossword and fill in the boxes with letters to form a complete word, they will learn new words as they go along. They will also become familiar with their meanings and possibly infuse these words that they just learned in their conversations. As they also continue answering these puzzle games, they will also learn to hone their analytical thinking. They will learn to be more accurate about what correct word comes with the right number of letters that will correspond with the boxes meant for the answer. While there are kids who might find this kind of game difficult at the onset, they will soon find it enjoyable and challenging once they get used to its mechanics. So, introduce the crosswords to your children to take their learning process to new heights.

Kids always try to imitate their elders as they have been their role models from the years. The weekends for the parents are very crucial because this is the time that they really love to spend with their children and they love to do activities which will add value to their kid’s lives and their knowledge banks. Some professionals and especially who are preparing for the exams along with their jobs can really be benefitted by these crosswords. Often parents ask the advisers that they gets bored in weekends and have nothing to burst their frustration or boredom. At this point of time what can be the point of action towards their future which if added to their daily routine will help them in getting rid of routinely boredom. We have suggested few ways below by which you can get rid of boredom and your day will also filled up with innovative things that you have learnt the way you should.

Start Your Day with a Crosswords:
Crossword puzzles are perfect accompaniments to breakfasts. Whether you are making and having pancakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cereals with your glasses of milk, coffee or juice, you can still enjoy solving the puzzles together. As they can be found in daily newspapers, you can pore over the crossword page together and come up with the answers. You can even make this into a game with the one getting the answer right getting an extra pancake, an extra swipe of peanut butter and jelly or another two spoonful’s of cereals. This special breakfast can involve all your family members and a weekend breakfast can be enjoyed with lots of togetherness and learning. This can be one of the unique and innovative kind of game ever played by you where, you are the one who defines the terms and conditions of the game. Do start with a basic level of the crosswords with your family and then, make the level high slowly so that they do not feel the difficulty level too. The puzzles have been one of the traditional game to be played by the people when we do not have other electronic Medias to entertain us like mobiles, television etc. 

Make a Game Out of Answering Puzzles:

To make your day even more entertaining, you can even use these crosswords to determine who gets to cook lunch and dinner, who gets to help in the preparations and who should be in charge of the dishes. Although you would need more crossword puzzles for this, instead of just the one in the newspaper, you can easily get them online. Just find a site that offers these, download them and have them printed. The puzzles or crosswords can easily found in online version of newspapers these days. The newspaper can be taken and identified with a new puzzle each days with a different difficult level and the best part with these puzzles are you do not get the answers on the same day, you need to wait for the other day newspaper or the new online version to tell you the answers but it can be a real fun if you follow a newspaper puzzle as it is related to the history and geography of that particular country and the world as well. If the Kids are taught to solve the newspaper puzzles from their childhood then it create a culture in them to solve them every day and 

The Winner Gets the Perks:

The rules of the game could differ. You could have a puzzle each and the one that gets to finish answering it first will be winner. The person with the most wins will have the power to assign the tasks in preparation for lunch and then dinner to those who lost in the game. Another way to play the game is to answer a crossword together using different colored pencils and the one with the most answers wins. The winner could also have the privilege of getting an extra piece of chicken or another slice of cake during the meals. These small things you can organize as per your priority and your ambience of the home. The winners nevertheless should be awarded with something to keep their motivation level high for the future. 

Kiss Boring Weekends Goodbye

You won't have to spend another boring weekend with your friends if you make use of your time with each other in answering crossword puzzles, especially if you will turn it into a game that will go on for the entire time you are together. You will surely have tons fun doing it this way. You can even try out some other puzzles aside from crosswords like code words or Sudoku. They are sure to occupy and entertain your weekends making you say goodbye to boredom for good. 

Learning through crosswords is a journey which is mastered by many people. These crosswords has made their establishment in the early nineteenth century in the lives of the people. They have been one of their kind for the people who want to spend their valuable time by playing with the words. The difficulty level of the crosswords are different for the people of different ages and differ with their duration of playing the games. But nevertheless it is understood from the years of playing by the masters that crosswords helps in increasing the vocabulary of the players of the game. Do add the puzzles or crosswords to your daily life and make their presence remarkable for you