New York Times Crossword Answers - Mar 3 2018

___ analysis
[Can't wait!]
With 59-Down, spa supply
Way out in space
Strike out on one's own
Staples competitor starting in 1988
So-called 'Father of Zoology'
Site of a 1974 fight won by 40-Across
See 5-Down
See 18-Across
Ron ___, nine-time All-Star from the 1960s-'70s Cubs
Riesling alternative, familiarly
Real stunner
Questionnaire info
Puzzle (out)
Put away
Popular cracker topper
Piece of punditry
Philosopher who said 'A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step'
Parmesan alternative
Org. with inspectors
One who might needle you?
Novelist ___ Neale Hurston
Men's grooming brand
Market event, briefly
Many a private investigator
Linda of Broadway's 'Jekyll & Hyde'
Lime and others
Like many shorelines
Kid with a moving life story?
Ishmael's people
Intel satellites, metaphorically
Improvises, in a way
Hot take?
High-speed inits
Good look
Gogol's '___ Bulba'
Goes on
G.I. garb, for short
Enlightened sort
Ending with Oxford or Cambridge
Email address ending
Dramatists' degs
Display, as an image, using only a small number of different tones
Dark side
Correction corrections
Common business attire
Co-star with Shatner and Nimoy
City at the mouth of the Yodo River
Cinemax competitor
Chem. unit
Car lot designation
Brief researcher, briefly
Bible supporters, often
Become completely absorbed
Band with the monster album 'Monster'
1983 #1 hit with the lyric 'Take, take, take what you need'
1921 play for which the word 'robot' was invented
'We're done here'
'The Wire' stickup man
'How rude!'
'Further ...'

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