Increase your memory power with crosswords

A person can improve his personality in many ways, it’s not just any academic course or study can help in gaining the same, but the small efforts made by you are also very much countable to an extent. Intelligent people is said to have a good memory which is very essential in developing yourself, as the same helps you in your recognition not just among your peers, but also in the worlds. So, exercise your mental power for your future endeavors to come and make your mind as sharp as possible. Memory boosters are already available in the market but they are not as successful as the simple crossword can help you in associating the words to the sentences and the origin and in later end relating them to their meanings. 

Your brain power can be increased in various and effective ways. Some basic ways that will increase your memory are: eating certain foods such as chocolate, fresh fruits and vegetables. Folic acid is another way to boost your memory. It helps by improving the information process of the brain, retaining brain function and in memory. Still another way to boost memory is by using ginka biloba. Ginka biloba helps to improve clear thinking and protects cell membranes. In addition, another way to increase your memory is to stay mentally active. There are various ways to keep mentally active such as working crossword puzzles. Anytime you learn something new or renew your brain with something you used to do, you are increasing your brain power. With this kind of memory game, the more you do them, the more your concentration, memory and vocabulary increases. Crossword puzzles are effective when it comes to brain power because you are introduced to new words and their meaning, constantly. The more crosswords puzzles you work on, the better your vocabulary and communication skills become.

When a person has a stronger vocabulary, he or she is more effective in communicating with others and that means he or she will be more successful at work and in social situations with others. In addition, working crossword puzzles may also prevent Alzheimer's disease. Crossword puzzles not only will increase your memory, but they are a great way to have some fun and forget the worries of the world. This kind of memory game also keeps your sense of humor and wits much sharper. Having sharer wits may keep you more in tune with what is going on around you and may assist you in keeping more vigilant against possible crimes such as burglary or assault. Crossword puzzles has also be known to help people who are addicted to alcohol, tranquilizers, certain medications and smoking. By keeping your mind focused on solving the puzzles, you are kept away from habits that are harmful and destructive.

By working this kind of puzzle, you are required along the way, to find similarities to other words so that you fill in the answers to the puzzle. This causes the brain to stop and think about how to solve the problem and that takes time, focus and effort. This thinking helps to improve your concentration, your curiosity and tests your knowledge about people and life. What is especially neat about crossword puzzles is that they can be found in your local newspapers, at many retail and grocery stores and online. To ensure that crossword puzzles are effective toward improving your brain power, work on them in a quiet environment where you can focus on the puzzle and find the correct word for each space and the body overall. Crosswords puzzles are valuable products to promote in retail businesses which sell magazines. They are a habit based product, meaning that they are purchased over and over by fans. Getting someone into the crossword habit can be very good for business. If you want to sell more crossword titles, place a selection of titles from the category next to your women's weeklies magazine section. This space in a high traffic area to your target demographic will work, crossword sales will increase. 

According to UK newsagent and supermarket sales data that crosswords outperform sales elsewhere. This is considered to be because of their prime location next to women's weeklies. A recent magazine sales benchmark study in Australia indicates that crosswords should account for between 6% and 8% of total magazine sales. Retailers aggressively pursuing magazine growth are achieving unit sales increases of 10% and more year on year. With each promotion, new customers are brought to crosswords and some of these new customer remain committed to the category. Here are some business management and marketing tips for how to manage crossword co-location to drive sales of the category:

* Create the space by compressing slower moving categories further along in the display.
* Only use this found space for top brand titles.
* Put these top brand titles next to each other and the same with Puzzler titles - don't mix the brands.
* Place titles so they color contrast - for example, don't put two titles with green covers next to each other. This is vitally important to separate the various titles.
* Know you’re demographic in selecting titles. For example, if you agree in an older area, be sure to include the large print or special interest product.
* Use the first column of the magazine department - otherwise you may confuse browsers.
* Place the same number of each issue in each pocket - this quickly shows if there has been movement from this space.
* Remember to update the titles with new product. This needs to be done at least weekly.
* Rotate the titles weekly.
* Use the whole column and flat stack area for crosswords.

Magazine retailers have tremendous opportunities in the magazine department since most other retailers do not have or range or space that one sees in independent retailers. Crossword customers are loyal and regular shoppers. By maintaining a good selection of crosswords, a retailer is more likely to encourage these highly valued shoppers to return again and again. Crosswords sell better in the United Kingdom than in the United States, Australia and other countries. In supermarkets, convenience outlets, gas stations and newsagents, sales of crossword titles are very strong. Compare the products around the world and they are almost the same so why it is that one country outperforms others?
The answer can be found in the location of crossword products in UK retailers. Crossword titles are far more likely to be found in the best position in the magazine department and as the retail sales counter. Taking on board this UK experience, some Australian newsagents (retailers selling newspapers, magazines, lottery products, stationery, greeting cards and books) have increased sales of crossword titles by moving them from what was usually a poor location in the business to a high traffic area. There are instances in the last year of crossword sales increasing by as much as 25% - this in a flat market where overall magazine sales increased barely.5% - half or one percent.

A business cannot expect to move crosswords and achieve an increase in sales however. The keys are to tell a story by focusing on top selling crossword brands and displaying these in such a way as to leverage brand recognition. Excellent success has been achieved by what is called a co-location strategy. This is where a selection of top selling crossword titles is placed in a high traffic area while the rest of the crossword department is left in its usual location. By regularly refreshing the titles in the high traffic area, a business is able to drive impulse purchases and thereby help crosswords outperform other magazine categories.

Crosswords are also popular as a gift in a range of situations - for hospital patients, older people, and younger people and, of course, those with a passion for crosswords. Because of the variety of situations for which crosswords appeal, placement at the sales counter as an impulse offer from time to time is also a worthwhile tactic. The other location which has worked very well in the UK as well as Australia for driving impulse purchases of crosswords is at the newspaper stand. Adding an item worth several dollars to the purchase of a newspaper significantly enhances the value of the sale. The success of crosswords in the UK can be easily emulated in other countries if the simple principles of retail location and promotion are followed. Any retail business trying this will soon find the types of crosswords which work for them in the various high-traffic and impulse locations available. 

Crosswords have establish in the market and can be availed easily without much hassle through books as well as online websites. These crosswords has changed the mindset of the people and has taken them to a level which is beyond consideration as a game.