Learning is a journey

If you sit on the couch and watch TV every day then your body is going to be pretty weak. To prove it, if you've been a couch potato lately put on your running shorts and go for a 5 mile run right now. Either you'll collapse before you finish or you'll be hurt after the run and the next day. Your brain is the same way. If you don't give your brain healthy challenging exercises to perform every day than it is going to be weak. Let's investigate some ways to give your brain the exercise that needs each day.
The crossword puzzle is a powerful and simple exercise for your brain. This has been known for decades. Crossword puzzles exercise the brain in many ways. First of all, you're asked cryptic questions in which you have to provide the answers for. Second, as you progress through the crossword puzzle you'll be maxing out your short-term memory capacity when you keep 4 to 5 questions that you have yet to answer in your short-term memory. Every crossword puzzle question that you pass on is that remained in your mind and you can continue thinking about it as you do the next question. That is some pretty serious exercise for your brain. Go pick up a book of crossword puzzles. Be sure to purchase one with varying levels of difficulty. 

It is not a well-known fact that brain teasing activities help the mind stay sharp. It has been known to have a physician prescribe them as memory therapy. Studies have shown that working these types of puzzles help to stimulate the brain cells which in return can lead to a happy, healthy and long life. This leisurely activity can help keep the mind sharp and increase memory and mental processing. These puzzles have also been used to help prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia and to slow down the affects when symptoms have already appeared. Crossword puzzles involve the brain to be active and think analytically. These puzzles force the brain to keep all of the questions to be solved and answers in the short-term memory bank. The way this works to strengthen the memory is that the answer to one question may be solved but that answer is continually being thought about while solving one of the other connecting answers. For Alzheimer's patients once symptoms have presented themselves studies have been done that support the idea of crossword puzzles improving the memory. There are documented cases where patients who have Alzheimer's start working on crossword puzzles and the memory loss and severity of symptoms is slowed. Not only are crossword puzzles fun, stress relieving and good for the memory, they are also able to help improve vocabulary skills. 

These puzzles are not easy in fact; most crossword puzzles are quite difficult and will sometimes involve things such as, small bits of research, and asking questions to get the correct answer. Once that answer is learned it will be retained in long term memory. The newly learned vocabulary can then be practiced in the everyday conversations to be had. It is important to practice these news words. Without practice these words will be lost. Another benefit of working crossword puzzles is that they can help to improve concentration. Just like the rest of the body, the brain needs exercise also. Brain exercises such as crossword puzzles can achieve keeping the brain strong and healthy. Making time to exercise the brain to improve concentration should not be difficult. In recent studies that have been completed working a crossword puzzle for fifteen minutes each day has proven that concentration improves as well as the ability to block out distractions. No matter the age of a person the brain power can be increased by working crossword puzzles. Memory, vocabulary and concentration will all increase the more these puzzles are worked. Finding crossword puzzles is an easy task. 

They can be found in puzzle books which can be purchased in just about any store. They can also be found in the daily newspaper. This is where these types of puzzles originally got their start. If the computer is more the answer that is being looked for there are many free online puzzles that can be solved there on the computer screen or can be printed out to be solved. Your brain power can be increased in various and effective ways. Some basic ways that will increase your memory are: eating certain foods such as chocolate, fresh fruits and vegetables. Folic acid is another way to boost your memory. It helps by improving the information process of the brain, retaining brain function and in memory. Still another way to boost memory is by using ginka biloba. Ginka biloba helps to improve clear thinking and protects cell membranes. In addition, another way to increase your memory is to stay mentally active. There are various ways to keep mentally active such as working crossword puzzles. Anytime you learn something new or renew your brain with something you used to do, you are increasing your brain power. With this kind of memory game, the more you do them, the more your concentration, memory and vocabulary increases. Crossword puzzles are effective when it comes to brain power because you are introduced to new words and their meaning, constantly. 

The more crosswords puzzles you work on, the better your vocabulary and communication skills become. When a person has a stronger vocabulary, he or she is more effective in communicating with others and that means he or she will be more successful at work and in social situations with others. In addition, working crossword puzzles may also prevent Alzheimer's disease. Crossword puzzles not only will increase your memory, but they are a great way to have some fun and forget the worries of the world. This kind of memory game also keeps your sense of humor and wits much sharper. Having sharer wits may keep you more in tune with what is going on around you and may assist you in keeping more vigilant against possible crimes such as burglary or assault. Crossword puzzles has also be known to help people who are addicted to alcohol, tranquilizers, certain medications and smoking. By keeping your mind focused on solving the puzzles, you are kept away from habits that are harmful and destructive. By working this kind of puzzle, you are required along the way, to find similarities to other words so that you fill in the answers to the puzzle. This causes the brain to stop and think about how to solve the problem and that takes time, focus and effort. This thinking helps to improve your concentration, your curiosity and tests your knowledge about people and life. What is especially neat about crossword puzzles is that they can be found in your local newspapers, at many retail and grocery stores and online. To ensure that crossword puzzles are effective toward improving your brain power, work on them in a quiet environment where you can focus on the puzzle and find the correct word for each space and the body overall. If crossword puzzles are the right hook, then an effective left jab to follow up is a Sudoku puzzle. Sudoku is a numbers game and will work out your brain a little differently than the crossword puzzle. Your short-term memory will get a good workout by keeping a lot of information about how to complete the puzzle and it. Likewise your brain will be forced to analyze, compute, and provides loose ends. To keep your mind into top shape to one sudoku and one crossword puzzle each day. Start at the beginner level for each type of puzzle until they become too easy and unchallenging. Then you can move up to the intermediate levels. Once those become too easy you can tackle the puzzles in the big nationwide newspaper dailies.

As rightly said by many people live more, exercise more, it’s been advisable from the centuries that you need to keep up the things that you have received as a gift from the God and do take care the precautions to make the most of them. It is always advisable to exercise your brain as much as you can and do take the knowledge from the length and breadth of the world. And teach your upcoming generations also about to take most of the output whatever they have. Students and kids have the opportunity to take most of your life and gain the knowledge as much as you can. The crosswords are one of the medium where you can gain the knowledge with lots of fun. Once attain the proficiency you can take part in lots of competitions and can earn recognition that can make you renowned all over the country and sometimes in the world as well. So specialize ypurself and learn as much as you CAN!!!!!