Universal Crossword Answers - Aug 4 2017

Zambian neighbors
Writing implement
Words of acceptance
When Mr. Boone daydreams, he is ..
Valuable heart
Unpleasant responsibility
The stringed instruments Mr. Boone plays are ..
Table tennis obstacle
Stop color
Some military groups
Some facial beauty marks
Quick nosh
Prior to, of old poetry
Prevent the occurrence of
Oslo native
One of the Seven Dwarfs
On Halloween, Mr. Boone enjoys eating..
Old horse
Numbers for a home
Not of sound mind
Not forthcoming
Nostalgic tune
Mr. Boone's favorite ice cream flavor is..
Mr. Boone calls egging his neighbor's house ..
More critical or pressing
Member of a wind quartet
Mafia heads
Loaf about
Literary collection
Like some angles
Like many air fresheners
Like a desert
Jump the tracks
Judo shops
Japanese currency
Imam's holy book
Home of Christ the Redeemer, briefly
Home of a famous boys choir
Historical period
Hill of Loch Lomond
Heavy British weight
Hard to see clearly
Goody two-shoes
God of love
Goatlike antelope
Give it a go
Get older
Free of
Floral neckwear
Fertilizer source
Feisty verbal comebacks
Euphoric way to walk
Endings for 'West'
Donkey or burro relative
Description for Abner
Delicious dishes
Dazzling success
Cast off from one's body
Cara famous for 'Fame'
Came closer to
Bridal shop offering
Black-and-white cookies
Bird that said 'Nevermore'
Bendable joint
Beans rich in proteins (var.)
Beach, in Baja
Attach again, as a brooch
Aspiring doctors
Animal park
'___ in turkey' (elementary lesson)
'___ complicated'
'The ___ Book' (Medieval land survey)

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